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Pisac:  Grupa autora

Izdavač:  teNeues

ISBN:  9783832794965

Format:  16cm

Povez:  Broš

Pismo:  Latinica

Mjesto izdanja:  Checz Republic

Cijena:9.95  €
Sa popustom: 8.96 €

This metropolis by the Thames is a treasure house of art, architecture and design. Its art scene has been booming since the ’90s with private-run spaces like the Saatchi Gallery and the reinvigoration of long-standing institutions like the Tate Modern and the South London Gallery. Of course, with the 2012 Olympic Games, London gains new masterpieces from leading British and overseas architects.

Whether you fancy modern design, a whirl through museums and galleries, or just a tour of London’s innovative architectural wonders, this guide has it all. Leafing through the entries, plug into a multitude of insider favorites.

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