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Izdavač:  Laguna

ISBN:  978-86-521-4024-4

Broj stranica:  296

Format:  13x20 cm

Povez:  Mek

Pismo:  latinica

Godina izdanja:  2020

Mjesto izdanja:  Beograd

Cijena:8.80  €
Sa popustom: 7.92 €

Part memoir, part royal history, this is the intimate and enchanting true story of Christina Oxenberg's discovery of her remarkable and illustrious Serbian heritage. In 2014 Christina Oxenberg visited Serbia for the first time on the trail of her family history. What she discovered was not only the astonishing story of her origins, a descendant of the Karadjordjevic dynasty who rose from shepherds to kings, but also the hair-raising history of Europe and its royals from the 18th century to the present day. Deftly weaving Oxenberg's own family history with that of Europe's tumultuous recent past, Royal Dynasty is a gripping and at times controversial royal saga, illustrated with pages of beautiful images from Christina's private collection.

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