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Pisac:  Sigmund Freud

Izdavač:  Penguin Group

ISBN:  978-0-141-18380-0

Broj stranica:  347

Format:  20cm

Povez:  Meki

Pismo:  Latinica

Godina izdanja:  2002

Mjesto izdanja:  London

Cijena:15.80  €
Sa popustom: 14.22 €

A fascinating collection of Freud's most famous cases
When a disturbed young Russian man came to Freud for treatment, the analysis of his childhood neuroses-most notably a dream about wolves outside his bedroom window-eventually revealed a deep-seated trauma. It took more than four years to treat him, and "The Wolfman" became one of Freud's most famous cases. This volume also contains the case histories of a boy's fear of horses and the Ratman's violent fear of rats, as well as the essay "Some Character Types," in which Freud draws on the work of Shakespeare, Ibsen, and Nietzsche to demonstrate different kinds of resistance to therap

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